Breathing apparatuses

Breathing apparatuses and emergency escape breathing devices

Breathing apparatuses 

We are arranging annual inspection, maintenance, repairs of breathing apparatuses and emergency escape breathing devices of the following Manufacturers:

  • Scott Health & Safety (United Kingdom)
  • Dräger Safety (Germany)
  • Interspiro (Sweden)
  • MSA Auer (Germany)
  • Horizont (Ukraine)
  • and others.

Service for above-metioned devices may also include the following jobs:

  • Hydraulic tests; 
  • Flaw detection, cleaning, dyeing of cylinders;
  • Condemnation, maintenance of valves and air-supply systems.

Services are rendered in accordance with requirements of SOLAS Convention, International Code for Fire Safety Systems, IMO Resolutions and Manufacturers' instruction manuals.  

Available also service and repair of following breathing air compressors:

  • BAUER Compressor (Germany)

All work procedures are approved by International Classification Societies and Regional Maritime Administrations.

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.