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Service and maintenance of launching appliances

Other safety equipment

We are arranging service and maintenance of launching appliances. 

Services are rendered in accordance with requirements of SOLAS Convention, International Life-Saving Appliance Code, IMO Resolutions № 1206/ 1 and № 1277.

Process of annual launching appliances' inspection includes the following jobs:

  • Examination of davit structure;

  • Inspection of wires and sheaves;

  • Functional inspection of limit switches and power supply systems;

  • Examination of stored power systems;

  • Examination of hydraulic systems.

Process of annual inspection of launching appliance's winch includes the following jobs:

  • Examination of brake mechanisms;

  • Examination of remote control systems;

  • Inspection of power supply systems;

  • Examination of winch seatings and bodies;

  • Dynamic winch brakes tests' carrying out;

  • Fault detection and repairs of machinery.

5-years inspection of above additionally includes:

  • Dynamic winch brakes under-load tests' carrying out;

  • Static tests of construction carrying out;

  • Replacement of steel wires and other lifting gears (additionally charged).

All work procedures are approved by International Classification Societies and Regional Maritime Administrations.

Our staff is equipped with modern outfit which is required for above-mentioned jobs including water bags for load tests.

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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